Lower back pain, upper back pain, hip joint pain, knee pain, or migraines . . . SnowPack� Cold Therapy can be used to help relieve pain on all parts of the body, contouring easily to fit the need. The mini-gels in each pack freeze individually, staying flexible and moldable even when they are supercooled and crystallized.

Unlike most cold therapies, SnowPack� goes through “phase change,” from liquid to solid when frozen, and then back to liquid while in use. This phase change is why SnowPack� stays cold for so long, offering between 2 to 3 hours of healing therapy. Once you experience SnowPack�, you�ll wonder how you ever survived without one or two in your freezer.

“I�ve been a distance runner since 1978, and have sustained countless injuries over the years. I am familiar with most products on the market, and have tried numerous wraps, cold packs, ointments, and heat pads. SnowPack has provided the quickest, most significant relief of anything I�ve tried. It is the longest lasting cold therapy I have found, and feels equally good completely frozen or slightly thawed. The first time I used it after a long run, I applied it to my very painful knee and was quite surprised to feel such immediate relief. A runner quickly becomes dependent on products that work, especially products that prevent and heal injuries. I find myself heading straight for the freezer after a run to grab and apply my SnowPack. It has enabled me to keep running while my knee is healing. It�s wonderful!”

—Trish Shain, Marathon Runner and Olympic Torch Bearer

“When I arrived home six hours after completing the San Diego Marathon, I found a SnowPack in my freezer, a gift from a friend. As a confirmed icer, and knowing that the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon was just three weeks away, I put the SnowPack to immediate use. I was able to get a full icing on my butt, hips, and knees with just one SnowPack. I was able to go to the gym the next day, after which I iced again with the SnowPack. It’s both comfortable and effective, and I’d recommend it to any runner or multisport athlete.”

—Michael Milano, Albuquerque Road Runners, Marathon Runner