Smoking will interfere with your sleep. It will cause you to look more like a zombie the next day. You will look like you are half asleep and someone might mistake you for being drunk. Smoking will lead to bags under your eyes. Your face will be a clear sign of the disorder in your life arising from smoking. When you smoke, you become dependent on nicotine. When you go to sleep, you reduce the availability of nicotine, and the body fails to relax well. Instead, you keep turning and cannot get into a deep sleep as much as you need it for rejuvenating yourself. Here are other ways smoking ruins your looks.

Smoking can mess your skin leading to Psoriasis

The skin condition known as psoriasis attacks the visible parts of the skin and leads to the appearance of patches. You look patched up when you get this condition, and the skin also becomes scaly. Thus, you will likely have a hard time finding enough cosmetic products to cover this effect. Although smoking does not directly lead to psoriasis, it enhances the risks of getting affected by the condition. In short, the more you smoke, the higher your chances of getting a scaly and patchy skin.455ytjgnfgdf

Smoking can cause yellowing of fingers

Nicotine is notorious for staining fingers and nails. Cigarettes contain a lot of nicotine, and they increase the risk of staining. Stained nails are obviously unpleasant. They fool people into thinking you are dirty and malnourished. These associations can be fatal for your professional image, and that is why it is best to consider halting your intake of cigarette nicotine.

You get thin hair

Thinning of hair is a known consequence of smoking. At the same time, the smoker’s hair could turn grey faster than the nonsmokers’ hair does. The bad news is not welcome at a time when people are spending so much money to grow their hairlines to prevent them from going bald. Thin hair may start breaking and falling when the weather is bad, and the owner might have no remedy other than a hair transplant. Unfortunately, even that cannot help much if the smoking habit continues to interfere with prospects of sustaining good hair strength and color.

It aggravates dental problems

Smokers a high risk of gum diseases that could lead to tooth loss through decay or breakage. Gum disease may start as increased sensitivity to hot and cold food. After a while, the gums start painting. They may develop abscesses that are difficult to cure when the victim is still smoking. Meanwhile, the teeth become weak and crack.

Your skin glow disappears

34565yhgrwYour face will seem off and pale while your charm will disappear even as you engage in cheerful jokes as part of your conversations. You might not notice this at first, but over time, the details become too significant to ignore.

Stopping smoking habits can be quite hard, but it is worth considering. The various ways smoking ruins your looks as shown in this article should spike your curiosity on possible remedies for the problem. Losing good looks can be so frustrating and stressing.